What should I do if my system beeps?

For a GE system: Disarm system with code, even if it’s not armed. Push the status button once, and then push again. The system should say OKAY. For a DMP system: Push any of the top four buttons under the display, then hit your code and “Command.” For a DSC system, arm and then disarm the system. Call our office for further assistance 715-483-0083.

Where is the monitoring station?

Our 24-hour monitoring station is headquartered in Austin, MN. In case of power outages or other emergency situations, they have a backup station in Abilene, TX. The trained professionals and technology at these stations are equipped to handle any type of emergency your system alerts, at any time of day or night, and they communicate closely with our office to ensure our customers get the support they need.

What if the power goes out?

The panel has a 24 hour back up battery.

Can I have more than one (1) code?

Yes! You can add additional, individualized codes for caretakers, friends, or family members. These codes can be temporary or permanent and save you from giving out your master code.

What is the call process once my alarm goes off?

Typically, the following process is followed:
1. Central station calls the premise number where system is located (home, cabin, business, etc.). If no answer, they will leave a message and continue to #2.
2. Central station calls the first person on the contact list. If no answer, they will leave a message and continue to #3.
3. Central station dispatches local authorities with information about what type of alarm has been triggered (door, glass break, smoke, etc.)
4. If no one has answered Numbers 1 & 2, above, the central station will continue down contact list and leave messages with each number listed.

Customized changes can sometimes be made to alter the order of this list, per customer instruction.

Can I add a medical button to my security system?
A portable medical pendant (typically in necklace or watchband form) can be added to any system.